1917 Hall Scott The Four

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1917 Hall-Scott The Four

Elbert Hall originally established his company in 1905 to build automobiles. This was wiped out by the earthquale of 1907 but he did design an automobile in 1907. In 1909 Hall and Scott joined forces and formed the Hall-Scott Engine Co. of San Francisco. The company built four and six cylinder engines for World War  I Anny Air Corp biplanes.

Elbert Hall conducted research work for  Fred Duesenberg and worked on high performance engines for Harry Miller. In late 1916, Colonel Hall of Hall-Scott designed a 4-cylinder race car with an all-aluminum body to compete in the Vanderbuilt Cup Race of 1917. The 9914cc 4 cylinder aircraft engine developed 110hp at 1,300 rpm with 428 lbs of torque (coincidentally the same torque as a Dodge Viper)

This engine was to be mounted in a 1917 REO frame and running gear. The Hall-Scott was to have a tope speed of close to 100mph. The Reo was selected due to its inner engine frame to accommodate an extremely tall Hall-Scott aircraft engine.

The reconstruction of the cvar has taken 5.5 years to complete. The car was shown at Pebble Beach and ran in the Monterey Historics at Laguna Seca, Goodwood revival of speed and Speed Festival in San Diego. The aluminum body, with it’s thousands of rivets, is highly polished and has maintained the exhaust system of the original design plus extensive use of leather belts.

Special thanks to it’s builder and designer, Tom Batchelor of Reno, Nevada and Dennis Webb of Anahiem, California for constructing the aluminum body.e are many other individuals we wish to thank who helped make this project a reality.

Engine: Hall Scott aeronautic motor

Year: 1917

Type: A-7a

! .D. Serial #835 – Acceptance No. SC2644
Cylinders 4
Bore 5-1/4 in.
Stroke 7 in
Displacement 9.9 litres
HP 125 @ 1,300 rpm
Torque 428 ft lbs @ 1361 rpm
Valves OHC 2 valves per cylinder
Ignition Bosch 2 spark magneto, dual ignition
Weight 405 lbs
Max rpm 1,400 1,250 continuous running
Fuel 10 gal/hr @ 1,300 rpm
Sump 2-1/2 gallons


Chassis: Highly Modified 1917 REO Model M
Chassis# SC0001
Curb Weight 2,900 lbs
Wheelbase 117″
Wheel size 25″
Tire size 35×5
Transmission Three speed modified REO
Clutch Multiple Disc, Dry type
Rear Axle Full Floating with straight Bevel Gears
Axle Ratio 2:1
Spring 1/2 Elliptic (front) Cantilever (rear)
Brakes Foot: internal expanding & external contracting (rear only)
Hand: Hydraulic disc on transmission output shaft
Fuel system Pressurized with regulator electric pump backup
Shocks Adjustable Hartford Dampers, front and rear
Steering Jack Rabbit
Top speed Never Reached