Number 22 Bill Maier Trans Am Mustang

25 22 Karman Cusack Evergreen CO 1968 Bud Moore Mustang Acupulco Blue 01:48.3

1968 Trans Am Mustang
1968 Ford Mustang Hardtop Coupe / 8R015150874
Originally Driven by Bill Maier
This Mustang was ordered by Bill Maier with a 390 cubic engine, and originally delivered to Hayward Ford. Maier first built this car into a road racer, between March and June of 1968. The original motor for this effort was a Windsor-based 302, with C6FE GT40 heads and Shelby Ram Box Intake provided by Ford Motor Company, via its Performance Manager, Tom Senter. This car runs the same style
motor, heads and intake manifold today.

By 1969, Bill Maier began entering West Coast SCCA Trans-Am races, and continued to do so until 1971. Bill Maier began to produce parts for other Mustangs and Shelbys in 1970, and always raced and developed parts for the Ford brand.

This 1968 Mustang became more developed as the years progressed, with Maier running dry-deck Boss 302s from Bud Moore for several years, and eventually winning the San Francisco SCCA Regional Championship and Northern Pacific SCCA Divisional Championship for A-Sedan in 1976.

Race History
– Trans Am, Sears Point International Raceway, September 1969
– Trans Am, Laguna Seca Raceway, May 1970
– Trans Am, Riverside International Raceway, October 1971
– Numerous Regional and National SCCA A/Sedan races at Cotati, Vaca Valley, Willow Springs, Portland, Kent, Sears Point, Laguna Seca and Riverside from 1968 to 1976.
– San Francisco Regional and Northern Pacific Divisional SCCA A/Sedan Championships in 1976.

Info courtesy of owner submitted signboard and,421/1968-ford-mustang.aspx

• T.O.E. Performance, Tony Oddo, Jr. built 302
• C6FE GT-40 heads
• Shelby Ram Box manifold
• 750cfm Holley carb
• Aviaid oil pan
• Fuel Safe 22-gallon fuel cell
• Ford White Stripe toploader with Sebring gears
• Front: Disc. Lincoln 4-piston calipers and discs
• Rear: Disc. Shelby style, Kelsey Hayes rear calipers
• Front: Torque-Thrust “D” style, 15″ x 8″
• Rear: Torque-Thrust “D” style, 15″ x 8″

Driven by Bill Maier:
Bill Maier’s career spans over 35 years. He has been a driver, designer, engineer and entrepreneur. He competed at ever level of amateur and professional SCCA and IMSA racing. He started his race team in late 1968 in Hayward, CA. He began producing parts for Shelbys and Mustangs in 1970. He competed in the Trans Am Series through 1986. He was fast. He always raced; he still exclusively races Ford Motor Company products

Bill Maier Enterprises 1968 T/A Mustang 
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Gary Goeringer
Display of the car
Steve Francis/Mainstreet Motorsports
Scott Rubin, McGee Motorsports

The History of the 1968 Bill Maier Enterprises T/A Mustang 

Ordered by Bill Maier with a 390 cui engine. Delivered via Hayward Ford
Built by Bill Maier March-June 1968
Engine Ford Boss 302cui, Windsor heads (purchased from HM in 1969)
Horsepower 450HP, Torque 385 ft/lb
Transmission White Stripe Toploader, close ratio
Fuel cell 22 gallons
Weight 3100lb with driver

Bill Maier has been a driver, designer, engineer and entrepreneur for over 35 years. He competed at every level of SCCA and IMSA racing. He started his race team in late 1968 in Hayward/CA. He began to produce parts for Mustangs and Shelbys in 1970 and competed in the Trans Am series until 1976 and raced exclusively the Ford brand.

Race History of this car:
– Sears Point T/A Sept. 1969
– Laguna Seca T/A May 1970
– Riverside T/A October 1971
– Numerous regional SCCA A/S races at Cotati, Vaca Valley, Willow Springs, Portland, Kent, Sears Point, Laguna Seca and Riverside from 1968 – 1976

Riverside International, the Maier Racing car with no.22.

-San Francisco regional and Northern Pacific SCCA A/S championships in 1976

Sold to David Mathews in 1996
Restored by Chris Liebenburg/Racing Restorations

Sold to Gary Goeringer in 2001
Returned to Racing Restorations for additional modifications. Meets 1968 T/A specs as of today.
Current owner Gary Goeringer and driven at East Coast vintage racing events.

The car as displayed in 2006. 

In November 2009 the SAAC features the car in its online newsletter. 


Bill Maier is the owner of