The Busby BMW 320 Turbo

To fully understand how special Cory Muensterman’s BMW 320 Turbo is, we have to take a few steps back. First, we’ll look at the 3 Series as a whole, then how this particular E21 travelled the world. Next, we’ll delve into the details of the car and how it was actually built to be competitive, and finally we’ll learn a bit about Cory’s process restoring it. You might want to grab a cup of coffee.

Today, the BMW 3 Series is six generations strong, a compact executive sports car that year after year continues to significantly contribute to the shaping of the BMW brand. Beyond sales figures, the M versions of this model really matter to brand loyalists and car enthusiasts alike; the perception of BMW’s sports cars trickle through all models. With a seventh generation — the G20 — recently unveiled at the Paris Motor Show, the 3 Series is a car that remains vastly important to BMW.
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