8 1927 Buick Big Car Charles Wentworth

8 1927 Buick Big Car
Charles Wentworth
Paso Robles CA

Group 1A

2019 Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion

WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca




Manufacturer- Buick Motor Company, Flint Michigan

Engine- Straight 8 cylinder, 320 cubic inch, overhead valves

Transmission – Buick 3 speed

Frame and Chassis – Steel and aluminum

Weight- 2700 lbs.

Wheels – Wire


Buick is one of the oldest automobile brands in the world and the oldest in

the United States. In 1909 – two years before the first Indianapolis 500 –

the 2.5-mile-long oval at Indy was inaugurated with the Prest-O-Lite

Trophy. The 250-mile race was won by Bob Burman, driving a Buick and

averaging more than 53 mph. Of the nine cars that finished the race, three

of them were Buick models.


 success of Buick engines was evident on the race tracks, and in

endurance tests across the country and around the world. Buick was the

only car to complete a 1 ,000-mile Chicago to New York relay race in

1906; a Buick was the first car to travel across South America, driven from

Buenos Aires, Argentina, over the Andes to Santiago, Chile, in 1914.

Buicks won hill-climbs across the country – including one in 1904 with

one of the first 40 Buicks ever built.

This Car-

This car is typical of the “Big Cars” (as compared to midget race cars) that

raced the dirt tracks and fairgrounds across the U.S. Its last race was in

Lebanon, MO in 1935. It was built from a 1927 Buick chassis, with a later

model straight 8 engine, that was first introduced in 1931.

Current Owner – Chuck Wentworth