Find out how you can have a Custom Show board showing off the features of your car…or boat…or plane…or motorcycle…etc.

Cam Hutchins of Carnut Images will take the photos and place all the elements into an commercila grade sign vinyl showboard mounted on Sinta…a veritable “Marine Plywood” that will last for years in all elements!

contact him at 604 551 3650

Ask about Auction specials that can be created locally and then printed in the city of the Auction for ease of transport!

rCarnut Images produces some portraits of some of the finest automobiles…IN THE WORLD…to paraphase Mr Clarkson!!!!

Can we produce one for you?

Check out out galleries of finished pieces at

Most of the pieces are by commission with photos I have taken. If you would like to have your ride immortalized please have your photographer contact us for our requirements for the photos needed to create a stunning montage.

Printed 20×24 inch on stretrched canvas.