Below are links to content that has been sent to me by various friends…you guys know who you are…Allan C, Gerry S. John S, Vince M, Wolf R, Tom P and many others. If you get a cool e-mail with a cool story about a car or hot rods or driving, racing, literally anything a Carnut may be interested in. So take a look and have some fun as most of these are fairly humourous…

This page I started a while ago and do not have the peoples name that submitted the info…so sorry about that. Also this has all the links from my old home page.

Here is lots of stuff from guys that post on Facebook…but when you try to find their posts they have disappeared…here they are!!

Model T Invoice

Original Model T Invoice 7-18-16 1 "T" Touring Car, fully equipped $440.00 Gas & Oil $2.50
see pdf>>